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Somatic Sole Barefoot Massage

Feel stressed and exhausted all the time? Do you suffer from chronic pain, joint and muscle stiffness, and overall inflexibility? The right massage can change all of that and more! That’s why Somatic Sole, in the little town of Maplewood, Missouri, is your premier St. Louis destination for the ultimate therapeutic barefoot massage.

We didn’t invent barefoot massage – it’s an ancient Asian form of deep tissue therapy, but we excel at it and provide a relaxing, rejuvenating experience that heals your body, mind and spirit. Our studio offers a calm atmosphere where, for an hour or so, you can unwind and forget your daily stress, turn off the technology, and just let go. You’ll leave feeling the positive physical and emotional benefits with each massage.

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Heal Your Body, Sole to Soul

Why Somatic Sole?

MassageAll of our massage therapies are soothing yet provide a deep tissue experience like no other. You’ll leave Somatic Sole feeling blissful, in-touch with your inner calm; with less tension and pain. Our technique is unique – we can get through layers of tendons, ligaments and muscles without causing pain or discomfort. Our licensed, specially trained therapists are practicing their craft to the fullest, continually learning and growing, and passing that knowledge on to provide you the ultimate sole-to-soul experience with every massage.

Somatic Sole is Accessible

Worried about finding the time or the extra money for a massage? Somatic Sole makes massage therapy accessible to your daily life. Not only do we have a serene, safe space for you to slow down and discover your own mind-body connection, we do our best to keep our massages affordable and flexible. Once you try barefoot massage and feel the cascade of benefits each day, it will become a way of life.

No matter where you live or work, we’re easy to get to from major highways, so come on in to Somatic Sole and see why we’re different. We genuinely love to see each of you, our valued clients and friends, walk away feeling so much better than when you came in.

We’re sure your Barefoot Massage will be one you’ll talk about for days; the feeling of peace will transcend anything you’ve tried before. So come on in and transform the way you feel – your body and soul will thank you! 314-748-5484.

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What Others Say About Us

Sara, Thank you so much for convincing me to try ashiatsu massage. You know how I feel about feet – they are rough, calloused, smelly, sweaty implements of misery. I didn’t know what to expect when I lay down on the table. Eyes closed, teeth clenched, I silently prepared for the worst. After the first minute I totally forgot you were using your feet! You know I love a good massage, but this was incredible. I thought you were going to walk all over me, maybe crack my spine while you were at it. I didn’t expect the steady, soothing...


Awesome massage. Loved the Ashiatsu. Sara was very personable with me after the massage to make sure I was happy. Thanks Again!!

Dan L

Excellent massage. ..great, relaxing environment. ..thank you!

Stephanie B.

Best massage therapy ever

Kevin B.

Sara is excellent. I will return

Rich S.

Sara is great. Her massages are the deepest, yet most relaxing massages I have ever had! Great for recovery from hard training, and for relaxation.


Nothing beats a massage from Sara- the atmosphere, the touch, the respect, the results. So very healing!

Jen J.

Because I have had nothing but an amazing experience every time I go!

Stacy B.

Top notch massage! Feeling great ever since!

Erin G

The office is relaxed and serene--perfect for a massage. I like that I get regular reminders and confirmations leading up to the appointment. Everything seems very well organized.

Erin H.